Hello everyone~
My name is Roseline but you can call me Rose.~
I am the bassist of this band<3
My inspiration is Reita from The GazettE.
The GazettE is my favorite band :))
My favorite colors are crimson, black, amethyst, and silver.
My best friend and sister is Sakura.
Favorite fruit is cherries.
Alot of people say music saved their lives but in my case music literally did.
Other bands I like are Exist†Trace, Dir en Grey, Scandal, Stereopony, AliceNine, and Malize Mizer.
I love Gothic Lolita and Visual Kei fashion. ^^
It's nice to meet you all~ -Bows-

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    I'm the bassist of ScarletLocket. ^^ J-rock forever.


    May 2013